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Age - How long something has existed; "it was replaced because of its age"


Empires - Empire -- the domain ruled by an emperor or empress

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Heal Your Priests.
If you wish to convert your enemy, it's a good idea to bring along two Priests: one to do the converting, the other to heal the converter when he gets attacked. Then you can have them switch off, using the healer to convert and the converter to heal so you don't have to wait long before your Priest is ready to convert another enemy.

Convert Transport Ships.
One of the best tactics for dealing with incoming Transport Ships is to convert them with your Priests. Ships have double the conversion resistance as normal units, but if you can pull it off you can save yourself some hurt. Once you control the ship, you can dump the units (which you don't control) onto a safe island nearby (to convert them at your leisure) or you can keep the Transport Ship out in the water so your enemy's population limit will be decreased by the number of units on board.

Naval Landing Force.
When attacking from the sea, make sure your landing force is protected with Triremes. Before you land your forces, make sure you have a wide and secure path to prevent massive casualties during the unloading process. A good unit for softening up the enemy coastal defense is the Juggernaught.

Home in on Sound Cues: Rise of Rome.
When you hear a sound cue such as an enemy's attack, hitting the Home key will instantly pop your view over to where the attack is taking place. You can cycle through the previous sound cue locations by continuing to hit Home.

A-Maze Your Enemies.
When playing the Rivers map, find the crossing where your enemy will migrate as soon as you can. From there, have your Villagers build a maze stockade leading into your territory. As you progress, arm it with Towers, Archers, and other deadly devices. The enemy will never make it to your civilization.

Age of Empires. Age of empire cheats and age of empires cheats codes with age of empires codes.

Cheat mode.
Press Enter and type one of following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Resign game - resign
Full map - reveal map
1000 food - pepperoni pizza
1000 gold - coinage
1000 wood - woodstock
1000 stone - quarry
Remove Fog of War - no fog
Transform villagers 1 - medusa
Commit suicide - hari kari
Laser gunner with 15 attack, 10 shots per second 2 - photon man
Animal control, no human control - gaia
All Catapult Triremes and Juggernauts transformed into Flying Dutchmen that can travel over water and land - flying dutchman
Instant building, research, creation, hunting for everyone until end of scenario - steroids
Win scenario - home run
Kill player - kill player's position 1-8
Rocket launcher car with 300 attack and good range - bigdaddy
Stone Throwers, all Catapult types upgraded to large damage area - big bertha
All Priests have 600 hit points, speed 6 - oyohoyo
All Ballistas and Helipolises have 100 range - icbm
Catapults fire cows and peasants 3 - jack be nimble
Faster chariot archers - upsidflintmobile
Upgrade all Bowmen types to Stealth Archer 4 - dark rain
Turn any type Horse Archers into Black Riders 5 - black rider
Nuclear missile trooper with 300 attack, long range, but one shot per 10 seconds - e=mc2 trooper

1. After enabling this cheat, move one of the villagers (not builders, farmers, etc.) into an opponent. Medusas will transform into Black Riders when killed. The Black Rider will transform into a Heavy Catapult after it dies.
2. Enable this code after establishing your Empire and clicking on the center of a town.
3. Enable this code after a catapult is selected.
4. Stealth Archers can walk on water and look as trees when stopped. They cannot be order to attack a specific unit. Move them close to the opponent and they may attack.
5. When Black Rider is killed, a Catapult will appear in its place.

Archers All You Need to Win.
Once you have started a game, advance to the Tool Age as quickly as possible. Then train five to seven Archers and start destroying your enemy. If they try to defend themselves they will fail because they will be too weak. But remember to leave some Archers in your base, just in case another player tries to attack you.

Bring Along the Peasants.
No landing force is complete without a boatload of peasants to draw enemy fire, fortify a beachhead, repair catapults, and establish production centers. Peasants make the difference betwen a raid and an invasion.

Make Your Own Maps.
It's possible to sculpt a piece of terrain to match a map of a historical battlefield or country. You can even mimic the region's topography if you're careful. Keep in mind, though, that when you have to generate an entire map by hand, you should start with deep water as the default terrain type. The land will appear automatically when you switch to elevation 3 and start drawing your coastline. This is also the method to create other map elements such as deep oceans and rivers that can't be crossed on foot.

Opening Moves - Divide Into Camps
Once you've built a house and established a steady source of food, divide your Villagers into two camps: one that gathers food and one that cuts wood and builds new houses. Meanwhile, your Town Center steadily creates new Villagers. If you place your Storage Pits and Granaries cleverly, you can have your buildings up and the 500 food stockpile you need to upgrade to the Tool Age very quickly.

Play-Test Your Custom Scenarios.
Even once you've played through all the campaigns that come with AoE and the Rise of Rome Expansion, you can still create your own scenarios and campaigns to exchange with other players. The basics of building individual scenarios and campaigns are covered fairly well in chapter six of the Age of Empires manual. However, there is one hint essential to prospective scenario designers: Play-test your scenario! No matter how simple it seems to you or how well you think you've laid everything out, play it through a couple of times before you pass it on to anyone else. This goes double for custom scenarios in which you've built your own map, and it goes triple for scenarios where the game's AI, PER, or CTY files have been edited.

Bring Along The Priests.
When staging an assault or defending your territory, it's a good idea to keep a few Priests near your troops. Make sure they have easy access to the battlefield, as the point of this is to heal your units while they fight. This also gives you a chance to convert the enemy's units. Be careful! If your opponent is human, he or she may attack your Priests instead of your troops. Also, once your Priest begins conversion, the targeted unit will most likely turn from a fight and retaliate.

Age of Empires - Rise of Rome Armored Elephants.
If you can amass a sizeable force of these expensive, but extremely powerful big dogs, there's not much your enemy will be able to do except get out of the way of your Hannibal-esque advance. They're great for bashing down walls and towers, but their slow movement makes them susceptible to Priests, so be careful of conversion; you don't want these guys on the enemy's side.

Naval Guerilla Tactics.
Sending a group of ships out for quick strikes early on can be a great way to wear your opponent down. Even Scout Ships can cause havoc if used effectively in the game's beginning stages; shoot Villagers you see passing by, and destroy Fishing Boats and Docks. If your enemy has been so unwise as to construct buildings within range of sea attacks, these make excellent guerilla targets as well. And if your opponent manages to get a counterattack going, just have the ships retreat or move to another location.

Wonder Tactics.
So you've decided to build a Wonder. Make sure you're ready before you do so as has to stand for 2,000 years to win the game. First, put a lot of Villagers on the task to get the Wonder up quickly. Then build lots of walls and Towers around it to stave off attacking forces. Keep Villagers around to repair damage to the Wonder and for its defenses when the attack comes (and it will come). You can also build a Wonder away from your forces as a diversion; when the enemy brings all its forces to attack the Wonder, you can strike at their mostly defenseless base.

Minimap Maneuvers.
Pay close attention to the goings-on of the minimap. This will let you know where combat is occurring--especially useful if you're being attacked on more than one front. It's also a quick reminder of resource locations; after you've exhausted a gold supply, you can easily move your mining villagers up to the next one. You can also quickly move to another section of the large map by clicking the desired location on the minimap.

This One Goes to F11: Rise of Rome.
While the F11 key will show you the game clock in Age of Empires, in the Rise of Rome expansion it also gives you your current population and population limit--a quick way to see if you're hitting your ceiling or need to construct new houses.

Age of Empires 2 - Age of empires 2 cheats and age of empires 2 codes with age of empires 2 cheats codes.

Get Defensive.
The easiest way to defend yourself in a multiplayer game is to start out by choosing one of the Large Islands maps. That way, you'll only need five or six ships to ward off your enemies.

Use Triremes in Groups, Fewer Fire Galleys.
Age of Empires Expansion: The Rise of Rome. Fire Galleys don't attack as well in concert as Triremes do. Eight Fire Galleys aren't better than three; if you group too many of them together, they lose their speed advantage.

Paper, Scissors, Stone. What troops to use against other armies.
One of the subtle tricks of the game is to learn which units are best to combine and which are best to pit against one another. Every unit has weaknesses that another unit can take advantage of, but those same weaknesses might be complemented by another unit's strength. Here are some examples.

Towering Sensation.
Try building towers in your enemy's village; this will stall them for a while. It works best with at least seven Ballista towers. Attack when the time is right and you will be victorious.

Complimentary Catapults and Cavalry.
When attacking, use Heavy Catapults and cavalry. Keep your Heavy Catapults in the back and your cavalry in the front; this way, the cavalry units can defend the Heavy Catapults while they launch their attack. Your opponent will have a hard time stopping them with the cavalry in the way.

Age of Empires The Rise of Rome.
With the Rise of Rome expansion pack, you can double-click a specific unit to select all units of that type currently onscreen. This is a quick way to grab a group for resource gathering or attacking.

Keep Your Villagers Busy.
Downtime will be your downfall in the game. Keep track of your Villagers, and don't let them sit idly by. If one is working on chopping down a tree, he'll automatically move to the next one when done. But if a group of Villagers has finished mining a gold stockpile, they'll stand around thumb twiddling forever. Periodically check in on your various resource points and make sure that everyone's working hard.

Fast resources.
Use the following trick to rapidly enter the cheat codes and get resources quickly. For wood, press [Enter], type woodstock, press [Shift] + [Home] to highlight the word, then press [Ctrl] + C to copy it. Press [Enter] to activate the cheat. Press [Enter] again, then press [Ctrl] + V to or [Shift] + [Insert] paste the word on the screen for activation. Repeat to get resources quickly. This may be used with the quarry, coinage, pepperoni pizza, and photon man codes.

Big Berthas with 50 food units.
Enable the big bertha, and medusa codes. Create a lot of medusa in the town and select all of them. After that press, supr for a Black Rider. Select all and kill all. You have now Big Berthas. Note: Separate all the Medusas when you kill because they can move later.

Scout Out the Fog of War.
As soon as you enter the Tool age and you've got a Scout at your disposal, get him out there doing what he does best: Scouting. Lift the Fog of War from your Town Center by heading out in a circular pattern, taking note of resource locations as well as any signs of the enemy. You can also perform some initial scouting with your Villagers, but the Scout's great speed makes him a better choice for longer range recon.

Use Trees As Protection.
Don't start chopping down forests near your Town Center. First check out the lay of the land and see which tree groupings would work best as protection, then use the others for wood. Build walls between the best groups to save on resources it'll take the enemy quite a bit longer to hack through a forest if you leave it.

Watch Out for That Rock.
Generally the best offense uses ancient fighting tactics: archers in the rear defended by Cavalry lines up front (this works best using Elephant Archers backed up by Heavy Catapults). Just be careful that your catapults don't kill your own soldiers.

Use Houses as Walls.
When you're constructing new houses, you can get a two-for-one special by building them adjacent to each other at a choke point (such as between trees and water); this way they'll serve as walls as well as shelter.

Water Map Rush.
If you're playing on a water map, beef up your naval forces quickly. Ships are powerful, fast, and twice as resistant to conversion as other units. If you get a jump on your opponent and eliminate his naval forces, you can patrol the water's edge and ensure that he can't build any future docks, keeping him a landlubber.

Beware Repair.
Having a peasant or two repair damaged ships or buildings can give you an edge during equal combat (such as Scout Ship vs. Scout Ship), especially when playing against the computer. But take note that repairs cost resources, so make sure you have enough on hand. And when fighting against human opponents, they'll most likely target your Villager if he tries to repair damaged units while they're under attack.

Conversion Double Team.
While converting an enemy unit (not Villagers), place your troops between that unit and your Priest. While the unit tries to go after your Priest, it won't attack the troops. If your conversion succeeds, use the Priest to heal your new recruit. If your troops kill it first, at least they didn't get hurt in the process.
This works best when playing against the computer. If you're playing against a human opponent, the proposed convert may be instructed to attack your troops. This is okay, as it buys your Priest more time.

Mass Conversion.
While a swarm of Priests won't necessarily win you the game, it can really frustrate your opponents and cause havoc with their troops. If you build up a sizeable group of Priests (at least five), they'll be able to heal one another while converting their way through enemy forces and then turning them on their former buddies.

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